Sunday Playlist: Sexism and Lookie Loos
German Chancellor Angela Merkel embraces French President Francois Hollande. This week sexism in politics became a hot topic in Germany, even though a woman runs the country.
February 3rd, 2013
06:00 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: Sexism and Lookie Loos

By Susanna Capelouto, CNN

(CNN) – Welcome to the CNN Radio Soundwaves Sunday Playlist, our roundup of audio from around the Web we find interesting, informative or just plain fun.

  • This week sexism was big news in Germany after publication of an article by a female reporter who told readers of a sexist encounter with a high ranking politician. He commented to her that she could "fill out a dirndl." The dirndl is the Bavarian dress famously worn by waitresses during the Oktoberfest. Here's an interview on the subject from Deutsche Welle, Germany.


  • I never knew what a lookie loo really does until I heard this story from Marketplace. It's full of surprises and will introduce you to a new hobby.


  • And finally, from the West Midlands Police in Great Britain comes this short tale of a woman who's so desperate to get her computer going, she calls the police. Very entertaining.


Your CNN Radio Team

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