Texas law: kill an escort with no penalty
Texas Gov. Rick Perry fires a six-shooter pistol. Following a recent acquittal in a murder case, a Texas law on use of deadly force is under scrutiny.
June 12th, 2013
11:46 AM ET

Texas law: kill an escort with no penalty

By Tommy Andres, CNN

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(CNN) –In Florida jury selection continues in the murder case of Trayvon Martin. The case has drawn national attention for its elements of  race and the question over when deadly force is justified.

A thousand miles west of Sanford, Florida in San Antonio, Texas, a case has just concluded with similar questions about the use of deadly force. James Moore wrote about the case for CNN Opinion:

[6:33] "I don't quite understand why the national media hasn't discovered it in a greater way, this case is every bit as horrific and every bit as tragic."

The case, involving a solicitation of a prostitute, started on Christmas Eve 2009. Ezekiel Gilbert arranged for Ivie Frago, an escort, to come to his home for sex. Gilbert paid Frago $150. A dispute over the arrangement ensued. Frago eventually got in a waiting car. Gilbert shot into the car hitting Frago in the neck, paralyzing her. She later died.

Last week, Frago was acquitted of murder charges.

Listen to the story above to hear more about how the case and the Texas law that Gilbert's lawyers used to get him off.

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