More hungry families, but charities have less food to give
Food Pantries struggle to keep enough food on shelves to feed the needy.
November 22nd, 2012
06:00 AM ET

More hungry families, but charities have less food to give

By Jim Roope, CNN

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(CNN) - It tears at the very heart of those who provide for the poor to have to say, ‘no.’

[:13] “When I see a big grown man crying. It hits hard to see that.”

Sister Joan Hogan runs the Margaret Aylward Center for the poor in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pico Rivera. She fought back tears as she explained that there just isn’t enough food to be able to give to everyone who comes to her center for help.

[1:10] “When I see men, the bread-winner of the family so-to-speak, come here they’ve lost a job, they cannot pay their rent, their house, they’re now homeless; so to me…and now I’m going to be sad. But that really moves me.”

According to the U-S-D-A, the number of Americans who are "food insecure" has risen from 36.3 million in 2002, to 50.1 million in 2011. That’s nearly 15-percent of all US households.


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November 21st, 2012
01:08 PM ET

Inside the Tofurky slaughterhouse

By Tommy Andres, CNN

(CNN) - American holidays are rooted in carnivorous tradition. Turkey is so synonymous with Thanksgiving that just about every child in the U.S. has at one time traced a hand to make a colorful rendition of the bird. But for vegans and vegetarians, Thanksgiving dinner can be an isolating experience, spent pawing at carrots and poking green beans while the rest of the family feasts on birds and beasts.

Seth Tibbott knew that feeling well. As a die-hard vegan, he’d tried stuffed pumpkins and gluten roasts that took a whole day to cook and couldn’t be cut with a chainsaw. He knew there had to be something better:

[2:11] “I had the need to find something I could take to my primarily meat-eating table of friends that would gather on Thanksgiving.” FULL POST

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Bringing home the bacon to cost more
The high cost of raising hogs is causing a bacon shortage and higher bacon prices.
October 1st, 2012
09:34 AM ET

Bringing home the bacon to cost more

By Jim Roope, CNN

(CNN) – The price of bacon is about to go up. Say it isn’t so!

Though the industry warning first came out of Europe, hog farmer Diana Prichard of Michigan’s Olive Hill Farm says that it’s true here in the U.S. too.

There are three factors contributing to the impending shortage. According to Prichard, the first is the drought:

[1:24] “Most of the corn and soy beans, which are the two major crops that we use to feed hogs have been damaged or some of them lost entirely this year.”


The Blaxican: a man and his food truck
August 24th, 2012
07:00 AM ET

The Blaxican: a man and his food truck

By Gavin Godfrey, CNN

(CNN) – Last year William Turner lost his job with a religious non-profit organization. That was the impetus for him to pursue a longheld dream: owning his own restaurant. Turner's research led him to the creation of his food truck (and alter ego), The Blaxican, which serves up what he calls, "Mexican soul food."

Turner says he's aware that some people have strong reactions to his name and concept.


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