Occupy Movement: What's Next?
Members of the Occupy movement's Restore Democracy working group meet regularly at a public atrium on Wall Street in New York.
April 30th, 2012
11:26 AM ET

Occupy Movement: What's Next?

By Steve Kastenbaum, CNN

Don’t go to work, don’t attend classes, don’t buy anything, don’t do banking, don’t do house work… that’s the call from organizers of the Occupy Movement for their general strike on May 1st, also known as International Workers Day.

It’s not clear how many people will take part in the day of action. Numerous Occupy websites point to protests and marches taking place in over 125 cities in solidarity with labor unions and immigrant groups. The bigger question for activists involved in the movement centered on economic justice and ridding politics of corporate money is where they will take Occupy beyond May 1st.