Embed America: An introduction
July 9th, 2012
05:28 PM ET

Embed America: An introduction

(CNN) – Why we decided to "Embed America."

A couple months ago, CNN’s Lisa Desjardins and John Sepulvado were talking about the summer election season. They were going back and forth over how to cover this year’s 2012 Presidential campaign. Should they embed with the candidates? Should they focus on the party conventions in Tampa (Republican) and Charlotte (Democrat)? Should Lisa and John focus on two or three of the main election issues, like the economy and the economy and the economy?

That’s when they realized: There must be issues important to voters other than the economy. And even if the main issue is the economy, as it is for many voters, what exactly does that mean? Are they worried about jobs? Savings? The stock market? Taxes? WHAT DOES "THE ECONOMY" MEAN TO PEOPLE?

So, Lisa and John went over to CNN’s iReport and asked the producers for their help identifying other issues. Those producers enthusiastically agreed to help, and two months later, Lisa and John hit the road.

John is driving from Miami and Lisa is driving from Maine.  Destination: Los Angeles. They are looking for the stories, issues and people that don’t often show up in polling and that politicians are avoiding this election season.

Lisa, John and the CNN Radio team are embedding into America because they want to do what they can to make sure voters, and their issues, get attention in 2012

You can follow John and Lisa on Twitter as they travel across the country. And follow their progress here.

@John_CNN and @LisaDCNN

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