OPINION: For Romney, a 'safe' choice for VP is big mistake
July 18th, 2012
11:20 AM ET

OPINION: For Romney, a 'safe' choice for VP is big mistake

(CNN) – CNN Contributor LZ Granderson says many expect Mitt Romney to make a "safe" pick for a conservative running mate, but the better choice would be to go with New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

[0:32"It seems he hasn't figured out that as long as Barack Obama is president, his base will be fired up in spite of his dull personality, so what he doesn't need to do is waste this pick on a running mate Republicans will like. What he needs is someone who can attract voters on the fence. A media darling with a successful track record to point to and someone whose social politics won't let them get labeled by independents as 'crazy'."

[1:30] "Bloomberg is viewed as a compassionate leader with many traditional Republican views who would be focused on reducing deficits by increasing revenue in addition to making tough decisions on spending cuts...You know, like that Ronald Reagan guy the new generation idolizes but is reluctant to emulate."

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