Embed America: A ‘His and Hers’ health care dilemma
Janet and Richard Copeland say one of their few disagreements as a couple is over the Affordable Care Act.
July 19th, 2012
08:00 AM ET

Embed America: A ‘His and Hers’ health care dilemma

By John Sepulvado and Jonathan Binder, CNN

Mayflower, AR (CNN) – Janet Copeland is struggling to pay her health insurance. Her husband, Richard, has good coverage for a low cost. Coincidentally, 70-year-old Janet supports President Obama’s health law, the Affordable Care Act, while her husband does not.

[6:43] Janet Copeland: "We’re kind of split on that one. It’s probably one of the few heated discussions we have. Right now, I’m at the point where I’ve already told him that ‘Okay, if the person you want gets elected, sit back and watch…We’re in a little standoff about that one."

Richard Copeland rolls his eyes.

[7:17] Richard Copeland: "What about the people that can’t afford health insurance? What part of not being able to afford it doesn’t our President understand? That's my concern."

Janet’s health care problems started when the couple got married several years ago. The change in life circumstances resulted in dramatically higher monthly premiums for Janet. Life changes can often result in higher insurance costs, says Health Access Executive Director Anthony Wright.

[5:06] Anthony Wright: "A family’s health insurance rate can change for a variety of reasons, both a birth in the family, a death in the family, a divorce. Even somebody just doing the very natural thing of reaching a birthday, it’s one of the worst birthday presents you can receive, is a rate increase from your health insurer."

Wright says from a health perspective, the 2012 election is the “most important” in U.S. history. But the Copeland’s may not vote in the Presidential election. Listen to our story to find out why.

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