Embed America: In Aurora, politicians' words ring hollow to some
iReporter Jesse Fraunfelder, at his home in Aurora, Colorado. While seeking full-time employment he blogs about partisanship in American politics.
July 23rd, 2012
12:25 PM ET

Embed America: In Aurora, politicians' words ring hollow to some

By Lisa Desjardins, CNN

Aurora, Colorado (CNN) – The statements by President Obama and Mitt Romney calling for unity the day after the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, instead left a bitter aftertaste of politics and partisanship with some in the injured town.

[:57] “I’m outraged that they’re trying to make it political, like a political statement,” said Emma Goos, a 19-year-old who sat three rows from where the gunman entered the movie theater in Aurora.

Goos questioned the politicians' sincerity, saying she believes their primary motivation is to score points over one another in swing state Colorado. To her, the statements were hard to swallow amidst a partisan war that has dominated the airwaves in many states.

Goos and the five people sitting with her at the theatre survived. But one day after the shooting, they were still searching for another friend who was elsewhere in the theater.

[1:03] “It’s certainly something that could be addressed (by the candidates) but now is not the time for that,” Goos said, bruises from the mayhem visible on her arms.

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