Should "Tug of War" return to the Olympics?
Tug of War was an Olympic sport until 1920.
July 23rd, 2012
09:39 AM ET

Should "Tug of War" return to the Olympics?

By Matt Cherry, CNN

(CNN) – British policemen once dominated "Tug of War" and won Olympic gold in the 1908 London games.  But don't expect a repeat  during this year's London games which begin on Friday.   The rope sport was part of five Olympics until it was cut in 1920 in an effort to reduce the number of team sports.

[:34] “Dedication and mental toughness, knowing that you just have to hang on that bit longer in order to beat somebody else, it’s not a sport for everybody,” says Glenn Johnson who heads the "Tug of War" International Federation.

Other obscure sports once had Olympic glory including an activity that includes a horse pulling a skier who jumps over ramps at high speeds. It’s called Ski Joring.

[1:57] “There is nothing like it, the acceleration, you get out of the start, the speed that you’re going and just the grace and beauty of the horses," says Geoffrey Smith with the North American Ski Joring Association.

Ski Joring made its one and only appearance in the 1928 Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

The 1904 Olympics in St. Louis featured an event with only four competitors and all of them from the United States: it’s called Rogue:

[2:26] “It’s a derivation of croquet in that it is played on a hard surface,” says Chris Bullock for Stuart, Florida, who built a Rogue course in his backyard.

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  1. Peter Hack

    Put the tug of war back in the Olympics. The decision which caused it to be thrown out no longer applies. Football and tennis should not be there. If tug of war is "not for everyone" then neither is synchronized swimming or synchronized diving

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