Looking lone wolf terrorism in the mouth
Daryl Johnson is an expert on domestic terrorism.
August 8th, 2012
01:46 PM ET

Looking lone wolf terrorism in the mouth

By Libby Lewis, CNN

(CNN) - The FBI says it is investigating whether the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin was an act of domestic terrorism.

Daryl Johnson says he doesn't have to wait. He guessed a lot that was right about the person who did it, even before he heard the name, Wade Michael Page:

[o:16]: "I mentioned to my wife that this was definitely going to be a hate-motivated crime – most likely by a white supremacist with a military background."

Johnson authored a controversial intelligence report on right-wing extremists while at the Department of Homeland Security.

DHS retracted the report and gutted Johnson's intelligence unit after a backlash that painted the report as an attack on conservative America.

Today, Johnson says he thinks the government focuses too much on Islamic terrorism, and not enough on home-grown terrorism.

[5:33]: "Every time I see a domestic terrorism attack attributed to a non-Islamic extremist, my thoughts always go back to, "Why hasn't the government sent out any warnings. Why hasn't Congress held hearings on what we can do to deter these types of things?"

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