'Green on blue' violence hits home
Maj. Robert Marchanti, with his grandson. Marchanti was killed in February by an Afghan police officer who was trained by U.S. troops.
August 24th, 2012
11:20 AM ET

'Green on blue' violence hits home

By Libby Lewis, CNN

(CNN) - In February, Maryland National Guard Maj. Robert Marchanti was killed by an Afghan police officer, an officer who was trained by U.S. forces. The Afghan officer also shot and killed Air Force Lt. Col. John Loftis.

The attack happened inside a secure building in the Afghan Ministry of the Interior, days after NATO troops burned copies of the Quran by mistake.

Fellow Guardsman Charles Taylor knew Bob Marchanti, and he trained with him.

[1:58] "I knew him before I was training with him, and I got to know him pretty well. So maybe, maybe, you know, the fact that something hit so close to home comes the realization that, it could be anybody. Could be you. So..."

Of course, in war, it could always be you. That's war.

But these insider attacks have added a wild card to the war, for soldiers like Charles Taylor. And they hit close to home for the Maryland National Guard – and its headquarters in Baltimore. Taylor, and about 70 others from the Maryland National Guard, will head to Afghanistan to train Afghan citizens as police officers.

It's the third time Taylor's been in a combat situation. He was part of Operation Desert Storm, and he also served in the U.S. war with Iraq.

So he knows the drill about getting ready to leave. But this time, Taylor's done something in preparation to leave that he hasn't done before. He sat down with his wife – they've been married for 17 years – and he told her what to expect – if something happens to HIM.

[:43] "I explained to her and said, 'if I come back through Dover Delaware, that in the morning, there'll be two soldiers dressed in uniform – they'll probably wait down the road. I showed her where they'll probably wait, and they'll wait for lights to come on in the house. And they will tell her that I'm gone."

Marchanti's unit just returned from Afghanistan. In October, Charles Taylor and the others will head there – to pick up where Marchanti's unit left off.

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