OPINION: The most yearned-for office in the nation
The living presidents gather in the Oval Office in January 2009, days before Barack Obama was sworn in.
August 26th, 2012
10:43 PM ET

OPINION: The most yearned-for office in the nation

Editor's note: CNN Contributor Bob Greene is a best-selling author whose 25 books include "Late Edition: A Love Story" and the novel "All Summer Long." He appears on "CNN Newsroom" Sundays during the 5 p.m. ET hour. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Bob Greene.

(CNN) – CNN Contributor Bob Greene ponders the yearning that some ambitious people feel for the Oval Office.

[:39] "The Presidency is transient work, and the Oval Office is the traditional home of the most high-level temps in the world."

[2:59] "Presidents depart; the Oval Office remains. Which may be at the heart of the lure that has made so many people over the centuries hunger to be there, for however brief or long a stay."

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Sunday Playlist: First man on the moon
August 26th, 2012
01:41 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: First man on the moon

By Chip Grabow, CNN

(CNN) - With the news that Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon, had died Saturday at the age of 82, we thought this week's Playlist should honor his memory.

In 1969, as part of the Apollo space exploration program, Armstrong, along with Edward "Buzz" Aldrin, were the first two men to reach the surface of the moon. Only ten others have joined their ranks. But they were the first.

In honor of Neil Armstrong, and man's exploration of space in general, we present this week's recommended listening:


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