September 16th, 2012
09:50 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: Discussing Middle East violence

By Tyler Moody, CNN

(CNN) – For today's Sunday Playlist we set out to collect voices discussing the events of the past week in the Middle East.

First we hear about Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens, who was among the Americans killed in Benghazi. The following conversation with Robin Wright, Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute for Peace, comes from KCRW's To The Point:

In this piece from PRI's the world, we hear the perspective from one of the activists that helped with last year's Arab Spring:

"Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Nasser Weddady of the American Islamic Congress about the recent violence in the Arab world. Through Twitter, Facebook and blogs, Weddady helped train a core group of activists who led last year's Arab Spring."

From WBUR in Boston, the program "On Point" discussed the week's events from a cultural, and political point of view.

And finally when it comes to the political reaction to this week's events, we can't ignore the role audio played in one part of the story. Prior to Governor Mitt Romney making a statement and taking questions from reporters, an open mic captured two reporters discussing what questions to ask.

This was perceived by conservative outlets to be proof of a coordinated media attack on the Republican candidate, while others merely hear reporters making sure an important question is asked and answered in the limited time available. Mediaite's Noah Rothman writes about the incident and reaction in this piece that includes links to the audio so you can hear it and decide for yourself.

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