CNN Radio News Day: September 20, 2012
A memorial service in Tripoli, Libya for U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans killed last week
September 20th, 2012
04:30 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: September 20, 2012

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

Here are some of the stories we cover in today's edition:

  • A memorial service was held in Tripoli, Libya today to honor the victims of last week's attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed. The attack has now been officially deemed an act of terrorism.  Former CIA officer Robert Baer worries Stevens may have been under protected:

[2:47] "This is standard protocol for the State Department. When there's a threat, especially to an ambassador, they're pulled out, moved, or security, heavy security, is sent in.  The chain of command in this broke down."

  • Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney courted Latino voters during a "Meet the Candidates"forum hosted by Univision last night. President Obama gets his turn tonight.  CNN's Senior Latin Affairs Correspondent Rafael Romo says Latino  are an increasingly important group of voters:

[7:58] "In swing states Latinos have increased their percentages of eligible voters.  So, it is very well possible that they may, indeed, decide this election."

  • Topless photos of The Duchess of Cambridge are spreading.  Despite requests from Buckingham Palace, two magazines in Denmark and Sweden have published the images of Kate Middleton.  The whole mess has renewed the debate about privacy and celebrity:

[14:15]"Everyone agrees that nothing is gonna happen until someone else gets killed.  And it's the most disgusting thing," says former bodyguard Sean Burke who founded The Paparazzi Reform Initiative .

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