Sunday Playlist: America in the world
Palestinian men burn the US flag during a demonstration against a film deemed offensive to Islam in front of the United Nations headquarters in Gaza City.
September 23rd, 2012
07:00 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: America in the world

By Chip Grabow, CNN

(CNN) - Much has been made of Anti-Western anger this week as protests erupted in many parts of the Muslim world. The protests, mostly directed against the U.S., were triggered partly by a video made in America that mocks the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

For today's Sunday Playlist we look at America's influence around the world - cultural, political or otherwise.

This story caught us off guard. It's about how an American dance known as "krumping" has spread to Liberia. The aggressive dance style originated in Los Angeles. In this story, from Deutsche Welle, we hear how young Liberians are embracing krumping, the latest of many American trends that get lots of attention in the West African nation.

A few years ago, Public Radio International's The World produced a series of programs on this very topic. In over 30 episodes, "American Influence" explored the many angles of American foreign policy and its effect on the rest of the world.

Finally, speaking of the power of influence, this story from Freakonomics is a fascinating look at the "herd mentality" - how crowds and peer pressure can get us to change our behavior. They go right to the source of the topic by speaking with Robert Cialdini, the author of a book called, simply: Influence.

That's the end of our influence on your Sunday listening. Come back next week for another playlist.

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