Building breakthrough apps
The "Cine" above comes from Cinemagram user, TigerLily.
October 5th, 2012
06:00 AM ET

Building breakthrough apps

By Gavin Godfrey, CNN

Editor's note: This story is part of the CNN series, "Our Mobile Society," about how smartphones and tablets have changed the way we live. Listen to the complete story in the audio player above.

(CNN) – Andre Charoo and Jason Titus have learned to succeed in the business of mobile applications.

That's not an easy thing to do. The competition is fierce and the market is getting saturated.

Charoo is Head of Partnerships with the new mobile picture app Cinemagram, meaning his job is to bring the brand to a larger audience.

[1:44] "Literally, the joy that you get from basically making people happy with their phones is fascinating, it's exciting to be  a part of and have such an impact. This is sort of the new way going forward as it relates to having a mobile audience."

Titus is Chief Technology Officer for music app Shazam, which has over 250 million users.

Before Shazam, Titus was the man behind Yahoo!'s Mail and Messenger platforms.

He's a veteran in the ever-changing world of social technology and has seen many great innovations come and go. He says the apps that stay relevant are the ones with focus.

[4:02] "The challenge for most folks when they're starting out is there are so many things they can do, they often try and do too many of them. You have to build your base and close to perfectly solve the problems of your users as you can before you sort of try anything else."

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