Sunday Playlist: Historic storms
A Department of Public Works employee hands over a sandbag at a distribution center near RFK Stadium in Washington DC on Saturday.
October 28th, 2012
12:27 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: Historic storms

By Dan Szematowicz, CNN

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(CNN) – As I write this post from Arlington, Virginia, just over the river from Washington, DC,  my neighbors and I are getting ready to experience the storm currently known as Hurricane Sandy.

I say 'currently' because it will soon lose its tropical characteristics as it merges with a cold front coming in from the west.

If that forecast continues to hold, Sandy will become a hybrid system. Many fear that combination will lead to the formation of a "superstorm."

Meteorologists are using words like 'unprecedented,' 'historic,' and 'record-setting' to describe what's about to happen to the US East Coast.

Unfortunately, in the world of weather, those adjectives are rarely used positively. FULL POST

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