Sunday Playlist: Reality break
November 18th, 2012
06:00 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: Reality break

By Chip Grabow, CNN

(CNN) - Welcome to the Sunday Playlist, CNN Radio's survey of interesting podcasts and audio programs produced by other outlets. We love our podcasts too, but sometimes it's good to scan the audio landscape and discover what other folks are doing.

This week: a break from reality. The fine people who are my CNN colleagues spend a lot of time explaining news events to our audience. Some tragic, some inexplicable. All of it real. But after doing that day in and day out, you sometimes need a break from hard reality.

So, this week, we'll feature a few podcasts that explore less boots on the ground, and more pie in the sky.

• To start, we direct your attention to The Truth, a podcast from longtime radio producer Jonathan Mitchell. The Truth calls itself "fiction..movies for your ears." They're audio dramas that come out about every two weeks. We like their stuff. In "Third Party," the episode below (go on, hit Play), we meet an independent candidate running for Congress who attracts the attention of a serial killer. Remember, it's only make-believe...

• For some fictional offerings (well, they are real, but they're about fiction) from the BBC, look no further than Book at Bedtime, a classic from the BBC's Radio 4. Broadcast each weeknight at 10:45 in the UK (I guess that's bedtime for them), it features readings from both classics and new works of fiction and literature. And it's only 15 minutes in length. (I think I found a replacement for my bedtime reading–bedtime listening.) ... Also from BBC Radio 4, another quarter-hour of storytelling, 15 Minute Drama. With a little more production value than its bedtime cousin, this program features dramatizations of recent fiction or original drama.

• Finally, it's not exactly make-believe, but it is a bit lighter than the usual "reality" you get in the 24-hour news cycle. The food-focused podcast, The Sporkful, from producer Dan Pashman. Check out their latest episode, a Thanksgiving show in which they present a vegetarian perspective to the holiday. Topics include the Veggieducken, a new creation inspired by the turducken that's a sweet potato inside a leek inside a squash. Plus, a man in Kentucky calls in with a Chinese buffet ethical quandary.

That's it for this week. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Here's to less real world things...and more make-believe.

–The CNN Radio team.

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