CNN Radio News Day:  November 23, 2012
Thousands of Egyptian demonstrators march through the streets of Cairo to protest against Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsy's power grab, on November 23, 2012.
November 23rd, 2012
03:30 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: November 23, 2012

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • Protests erupted again in Egypt after a controversial set of decrees from President Mohammed Morsy.  Demonstrators are furious about what they say is an undemocratic power grab.  Last night Morsy essentially ordered his power to go unchallenged until a new constitution is drafted.  Scott Macleod,  a former TIME  Middle East correspondent and a professor at American University in Cairo says:

"Morsy has to be careful. He doesn't have a sweeping mandate to issue these decrees and rule by decree." FULL POST

CNN Profiles: The serendipity sponge
Frans Johansson speaking at the launch party for his book, The Click Moment.
November 23rd, 2012
08:52 AM ET

CNN Profiles: The serendipity sponge

By Michael Schulder, CNN

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(CNN) - This holiday season give yourself the gift of serendipity.

I don’t know if Hallmark will buy that line. But a number of successful CEOs have.

That’s because of the work of our guest on CNN Profiles.

He is business consultant and author, Frans Johansson.

Johansson stumbled upon the financial value of serendipity – those chance encounters and observations that can make a light go on in your head. FULL POST

The language of the loophole
In the language of Washington, "loophole" is one word that means different things to different people.
November 23rd, 2012
07:35 AM ET

The language of the loophole

By Libby Lewis, CNN

Washington, DC (CNN) - We’re hearing a lot about tax loopholes these days, as Washington grapples with ways to solve the fiscal crisis. But what IS a tax loophole?

Well, there’s the book definition, says Howard Gleckman, senior fellow with the Tax Policy Center:

[:32] "The dictionary definition implies that the law was imperfectly written – and somebody got some smart lawyers who figured out a way to get around the intent of the law." FULL POST

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