CNN Radio News Day: January 2, 2013
The remains of destroyed homes and businesses are viewed after Superstorm Sandy in the Rockaways on January 2, 2013 in the Queens borough of New York City.
January 2nd, 2013
04:29 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: January 2, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • Congress may have managed to avoid sending the economy over the fiscal cliff, but in doing so, lawmakers created another controversy.  All the time spent over negotiating a deal left a bill aimed at helping victims of Hurricane Sandy in the lurch. There was no vote on the $60.4 billion aid package approved by the Senate. the slight angered Congressman Peter King of New York who blamed what he called , "dysfunctional"  Republican leadership for the lack of a vote in the House:

"I was chasing the Speaker all over the House floor last night, trying to talk to him and his staff...and then he was gone.  He refused to meet with us...he just decided to sneak off in the dark of night. "

The uproar among members of his own party forced House Speaker John Boehner into action.  Congressman King met with the speaker this afternoon and says Boehner has now promised a vote on $9 billion in Sandy disaster aid by this Friday and then another vote on the remaining $51 billion dollars in aid in two weeks.

  • If  you've ever been on the receiving end of a harassing phone call from a debt collector you'll be glad to learn that as of today a new consumer watchdog agency begins policing the debt collection industry. CNN's Libby Lewis reports The goal is to stop illegal and abusive debt collection practices. The Federal Trade Commission's Chris Koegel says:

"It's just great news for the American consumer and law-abiding debt collectors. Now there's going to be two cops on the beat, instead of just one."

  • How much does a simple phone call cost?  Not much on the outside world, but for people in prison phone calls to loved ones can total hundreds of dollars. In fact, activists say if a prisoner talks for an hour a week it could cost his family as much as $300 a month.  CNN's Emma Lacey-Bordeaux  talked with actor,  Jason Mewes, best known for playing Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob.  His mother went to prison when he was just 13-years-old:

"So, when we did talk all my mom would want to do is try to rush as many questions to me."

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