CNN Radio News Day: January 11, 2013
Workers set up folding chairs in preparation for the US Presidential Inauguration ceremony at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.
January 11th, 2013
04:40 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: January 11, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • The search is on for a new pastor to deliver the benediction at President Obama's inauguration in about a week. It's because of Rev. Louie Giglio's decision yesterday to step-aside in the wake of a 1990's sermon he gave on homosexuality – calling it a sin. Giglio said he's withdrawing to remove any distraction from the inauguration. There's been fallout and questions. CNN Belief Blog editor Eric Marrapodi says that includes for the President's administration:

"It leaves a lot of people scratching their heads in religious communities as where do they fit in the tent, if it's supposed to be all about inclusion."  

  • "Vast, predatory, and opportunistic."  That's how a new report describes the late British TV star Jimmy Savile, as he carried out the sexual abuse of hundreds of people over more than 50 years. Children were Savile's main victims, with most female. The youngest was only eight years old. Police also recorded more than 30 rapes. Britain is rocking from the horrendous details, as so many grew-up watching Savile hosting children's shows on the BBC. He died two years ago. CNN's Matthew Chance in London says there were likely missed opportunities in the last years of Savile's life, when four complaints of abuse were made against him:

"Those weren't properly investigated it seems, according to the public prosecutors office. They've issued a statement essentially apologizing for that."

  • You may have noticed that there’s been something missing from the news in the last week -  any news about Congress. After the frenzy of the fiscal cliff and the start of the new session last week, lawmakers left Washington. And in all, both chambers of Congress will only be in Washington five more days this entire month. That, despite some big deadlines coming up in future months. But not all in Washington think more congressional work is the solution. Libertarians believe gridlock and low productivity is good, preventing Congress from passing more government powers and regulations. Dan Mitchell, senior fellow, Cato Institute says:

"I would triple their pay if they would stay home all but one month out of the year."

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