January 17th, 2013
01:41 PM ET

Parents of gun victims share goals, not tactics

By Nova Safo, CNN

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(CNN) - Annette Holt and Elliot Fineman are two very different people connected by grief.

Holt lost her teenage son to gun violence on a Chicago public transit bus. Fineman’s son was killed while dining in a restaurant in San Diego.

Both have dedicated their lives to reducing gun violence and advocating for tougher gun laws. But their approaches are as different as their backgrounds.

Fineman, a former corporate marketing strategist, is focused on galvanizing millions of people to, essentially, create bad PR for companies and states that don’t support tough gun laws. While Holt, a Chicago firefighter, is working to convince members of Congress to pass such laws.

Holt believes, until now, people unaffected by gun violence have often ignored the issue.

[2:47] “People can remove themselves from it. They think a lot of our kids are not good kids, they think they’re gangbangers. No, not so. Try to rationalize in their minds why our children are murdered, or why they don’t have to care. But they better watch out, one day it could be you.”

Fineman believes people are finally begin to see that point, that it could be them.

[5:25] “The two recent major massacres – the one at Aurora in a movie theater, and the one at Newtown at the schools – suddenly people are getting a sense of this affects me. My children have children who send their kids to school. I send my kids to school. I go to movies.”

Listen to our story above, to hear Annette Fineman describe her grief, and learn about how the two parents have been working to change gun laws.

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