January 18th, 2013
06:00 AM ET

Common ground: gun owners and Obama

By Jim Roope, CNN

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(CNN) – Gun owners and enthusiasts may not be on the same page as President Obama when it comes to gun control, but they are in the same book.

[:34] “I’m for a universal background check for everybody.”

Russ Bacon owns High Desert Guns in Minden, Nevada. He sells everything from pistols to high-capacity clip rifles.

He and others who attended the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the largest gun show in the world, said that all potential gun buyers should go through background checks. That includes weapons bought privately from friends and family.

Some, like Billy Conn, co-owner of Las Vegas Gun Range and Firearms Center, would even be OK with registering their guns with the federal government.

[4:50] “It’s not a crime to have a gun and it’s not a crime for the government to know I have a gun. I don’t think the government’s coming after me and I’m not going after the government.”

Other gun enthusiasts say registering guns with the government is a slippery slope.

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  1. Joseph

    This is the same government that shoots animals and women like in Ruby Ridge and Waco. Why would you trust them?

    January 27, 2013 at 10:48 am | Report abuse |
  2. mike

    Please do some research on the "Battle of Athens" it happen in TN in I believe the mid 50's. classic example of how a modern day official/government can over step their powers. GI's returning from war used their Military rifles to take action against a tyrannical sheriff and mayor who stolen ballot boxes to be counted in private in the jail house. Ballots are supposed to be counted in front of reps for both parties. Thus it was a tyrant and his goons aka sheriff & deputies who had to be delt with.

    Also it is current law that if your firearm is stolen, you have to report it stolen and guess what law abiding gun owners already do that.

    Another reason why we as gun owners will fight this to the bitter end and then even if we loose 99.99998% of us will resort to burying our banned guns before ever registering or turning them over.

    I hog hunt here in Texas, my step mothers families farm land was destroyed 2yrs in a row due to feral hogs in the area. I own a ar15 as my hog rifle, i have a 200 lumen surefire flash light on it, a forward mounted pistol grip on a free floating quad rail with a sightmark digital cqb reflex sight for quicker target acquiring. The reason(s) why I decided to go with a ar15 platform is due to a few different things.
    First off I right hand dominate but i shoot rifles left handed. Please try doing a search for left handed rifles if you have about 5 minutes to spare. You will find that rifles for left handed shooters are extremely far and few between. the ar15 is truely a utilitarian rifle, you can adapt it to so many different hunting uses. Throw a scope on it and you have a deer rifle, put a reflex sight on it and you have a varmint rifle.
    When hog hunting most people do not realize this but hogs will turn and attack you and at any given moment when hunting them you can find your self amid 20 or more of them inside of a 25yrd radius of you. Hogs have killed people, they can gut you in one swipe of their head. The MILLIONS of dollars worth of damage to farmland and private property every single year and are spreading as fast as Aids/Hiv almost.
    Another reason for it is this, if some one breaks into my house I have no clue if they are armed. So I will go for my taurus pt92 9mm loaded with a 19rd mag with speer golddot 147gr hollow points. If i hear more then one person breaking in, I will grab the pistol to cover myself long enough to grab my ar15. Do I want to shoot them no, I never want to shoot anyone but I will if needed. My ar15 has a 200 lumen flash light on it since hogs are most active early mornings and at dusk (as are other animals like snakes and you know about rattle snakes right ?) but that same flashlight if shined directly into a humans eyes will blind you and more often then not as long as you keep that light shining at their face they will run or give up.
    And my last reason, with all the bs going on with North Korea. lets say they send 3 or 4 nuc's over our way ok, sure i bet the military takes at least 2 out. But that still leaves 2 left, a nuc impact on US soil will cause shit to hit the fan across the country. Or if they detonate a nuc above the country and take out our power grind ? Did you know its about to 3-6 year wait on the massive power inverters or whatever for big electrical grids ? Saw on the Discovery channel who was doing a show on if this happens the country as a hole could be with out power for many many years.
    Now I dont know about you but I personally feel a lot better knowing i have a semi auto ar15 and enough ammo for it since I do hunt and shoot a lot. To where i can effectively defend my family members and friends who need to be defended.

    You can say what you want, but I ask any gun grabber a few questions. There reportedly and estimated 3 million ar15's and ak47 rifles in the hands of civilians. You can triple that number if you group in semi auto hand guns, shots guns and rifles.
    So my questions are : What happens when we as gun owners stand up and say NO ? Or if a ban on semi auto's is made law and after 6 months only a couple of Hundred Thousand semi auto's are turned and then no more ? Are you going to call for well over 2 Million honest law abiding people to be arrested on felony charges ? Because they are being patriotic Americans and standing up for their rights for their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    You want to repeal our rights just because you do not agree with them or like them ? Ok I can understand that, but I offer this solution, when the government hands over all their automatics, semi auto's and play by the same rules as civilians have to. Then I will be the first in line to hand over my ar15, all 4 of my 30rnd mags for it, and every single high capacity mag i own for all my other guns. But only when law enforcement, federal law enforcement agencies play by those same rules.

    So there is my reason for owning a ar15 rifle and high capacity mags

    January 27, 2013 at 3:29 am | Report abuse |
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