CNN Radio News Day: January 24, 2013
A North Korean soldier stands guard in front of the Unha-3 rocket at Tangachai-ri Space Center on April 8, 2012.
January 24th, 2013
04:33 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: January 24, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • John Kerry was in the hot seat today. President Obama's nominee to follow Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State weathered tough questions during his first confirmation hearing.  If he's eventually confirmed, one of the challenges for the longtime Massachusetts senator will be how to deal with an increasingly hostile North Korea. The country's defense commission is now threatening "all out action", with promises of another nuclear weapons test and more launches of long-range rockets. CNN's Christiane Amanpour says it's a 'war-like' statement:

"This is one of the first I remember them saying that a nuclear test would be directly aimed at the United States."       

  • For the first time, the Pentagon will allow women in combat on the front lines. The official announcement was made Thursday by outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. But not all jobs will open-up immediately. Those in special operations will be closed for the foreseeable future, as those positions require particular combat readiness. Staff Sergeant Jennifer Hunt, who earned a Purple Heart for her duty in Iraq, says she hopes those restrictions will eventually be lifted:

"I definitely think that women have the capability to put forth the effort to accomplish any mission that the military sets before them."

  • It's been almost 50 years since Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Carl Sandburg died. But a previously unknown poem has thrust his name into today's gun control debate. Newly discovered is a poem titled "Revolver." Historians think Sandburg wrote it early in his career, in the 1910's and 1920's, when he was a journalist in Milwaukee and Chicago. During that period, Sandburg likely wrote of mobster violence from the times. George Hendrick, a professor of English at the University of Illinois, says this poem's discovery is an important addition to the Sandburg collection:

"Given the nature of that poem, and how much it applies to current events, I really consider it a great find."

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