Sunday Playlist: By a hair
First lady Michelle Obama, Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 in Washington, D.C., with her new bangs
January 27th, 2013
06:00 AM ET

Sunday Playlist: By a hair

Sunday Playlist: By a hair

By Pat St. Claire, CNN

(CNN) – Welcome to the CNN Radio Soundwaves Sunday Playlist, our roundup of audio from around the Web we find interesting, informative or just  plain fun.

This past week, first lady Michelle Obama made a huge splash among fashion-watchers when she appeared with a brand new hairdo sporting bangs. In fact, if you do a Google search for Michelle Obama's bangs you'll get about 50,000,000 (yes million) results!

Melinda Henneberger of the Washington Post's She The People column on politics and culture even blogged about the first lady's bangs and invited other prominent columnist to comment, including award-winning journalist, Mary C. Curtis.  While Curtis finds the whole discussion over Mrs. Obama's new 'do "silly", she does make a point that rings with truth: if she ever decides to rock an Afro or a natural look, prepare for war.

Natural hair can bring out the best and the worst in black women and their critics. It's a tortured, love-hate relationship fraught with psychological, cultural and even political implications dating back centuries.

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