CNN Radio News Day: January 30, 2013
Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly (L), husband of former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shakes the hand of Wayne LaPierre, Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association, after a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill January 30.
January 30th, 2013
04:28 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: January 30, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • On Capitol Hill today, lawmakers waded into the bitterly divisive fight over gun control.  It was the first hearing on gun violence in 14 months, and the first since that horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  It's been 47 days since the tragedy claimed the lives of six adults and 12 children. National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre argued against banning high-capacity magazines and extending background checks.  He also defended the Second Amendment, saying Americans need to be able to protect themselves from government:

"If you look at why our founding fathers put it there – they had lived under the tyranny of King George and they wanted to make sure that these free people in this new country would never be subjugated again and have to live under tyranny."       

  • The United Nations is calling for $1.5 billion dollars to help people who've fled Syria recently and the millions still living in the war-torn nation.  The call came in Kuwait, at a meeting of the Friends of Syria group where representatives from mostly Western nations gathered to discuss the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Syrian civil war. Fourteen-year-old Cayanne's family fled Aleppo, one of the hardest-hit cities:

"I miss the most how we would be, like, so carefree, you know.  We would laugh all the time.  We were all so happy, everyone, the old and the young. Everyone was, like, really happy."

  • Tomorrow Chuck Hagel will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee for nomination hearings.  The former Republican Senator from Nebraska is President Obama's pick to be the next Secretary of Defense.  Hagel's confirmation is not expected to be a slam dunk.  Hagel's friend and former business partner Mike McCarthy says he understands why Hagel puts some people on edge:

"I'd say this with a smile on my face, but he's unmanageable.  You know.  He will clearly make his own decisions based on... in-depth analysis of the facts, and then a consideration of all the human, and political and other circumstances that surround it. And he'll decide for himself.  And that does make people nervous."

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