CNN Radio News Day: February 5th, 2013
Attorney General Eric Holder leads a news conference regarding a lawsuit filed against Standard and Poor's Ratings Services at the Department of Justice February 5, 2013.
February 5th, 2013
04:32 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: February 5th, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • It's not a new story, but today there's a new angle in the U.S. financial crisis that began in 2007. The largest credit rating agency in the country is facing a lawsuit over its role in the economic meltdown. The U.S. government is suing Standard and Poor's accusing the agency of "knowingly" inflating , misrepresenting and understating mortgage-backed investments at the height of the housing boom. U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder detailed the case at a news conference today:

"Put simply, this alleged conduct is egregious - and it goes to the very heart of the recent financial crisis."

  • Support for same-sex marriage is gaining ground in several Midwest states, including Illinois. Lawmakers are taking advantage of that support and have now moved one step closer to making same-sex marriage legal in their state.   State Senator Heather Stearns is sponsoring a proposed same-sex marriage bill:

"We're sort of mirroring here in Illinois, national trends. Public support for marriage has just been growing tremendously."

  • Alabama doesn't allow residents to make beer in their own homes.  But as the new Alabama state legislative session kicks-off this week, the showdown over beer and morality is sure to bubble up.  Representative Mac McCutcheon is sponsoring a bill that would legalize homebrewing.  But  Joe Godfrey, who heads a group called the Alabama Citizens Action Program, promises to fight it:

"I've met with some of the homebrewers and they will tell me, 'Oh, we're fine upstanding citizens. We go to church, we're active in our community, we don't overindulge, we don't get drunk... (but) I've never met an alcoholic that started out saying, 'I'm going to become an alcoholic.' They start out socially drinking. They start out homebrewing and tasting."

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