CNN Radio News Day: February 18, 2013
People wait for a subway at a Manhattan station in New York City. The city has been experiencing a rash of high-profile incidents involving individuals being hit by trains in suicides, accidents and people being pushed to their deaths.
February 18th, 2013
04:28 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: February 18, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • This weekend the heat was suddenly turned up on the immigration debate, all thanks to a leak.  A reporter for 'USA Today' obtained a draft copy of an immigration reform plan from the White House and it's caused quite a stir.  CNN's Lisa Desjardins says members of both the House and Senate were already working to put together their own immigration bills:

"Think of this as a back up plan from the White House. It's also sort of the White House poking Congress in the shoulder and telling Congress if you don't come up with a bill we're going to have one waiting."

  • A few days ago a woman fainted on a subway platform in Brooklyn, fell onto the tracks, and died when she was hit by a train.  A recent rash of subway deaths has New York City transit officials looking at ways to prevent people from falling, or worse, being pushed onto the tracks. But Richard Barrone of the Regional Plan Association says the cost of retrofitting platforms with walls and sliding doors would be in the billions of dollars. He's not sure it's worth it:

“About 1.6 billion riders, 1.6 billion annually, ride the subway and, you know, approximately 50 people die. Typically it’s the result of a suicide. So the numbers are really very low.”

  • An Islamic militant group called Ansaru is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of seven foreigners in northern Nigeria.  The abductions took place Saturday when gunmen stormed a construction site in Bauchi State. A security guard was killed. CNN's Vladimir Duthiers reports the group has stated its goal is to attack foreigners and foreign interests:

"They say that the reasons they are specifically doing this is because of Western aggression, Western meddling in Afghanistan and Mali in particular... What's striking about this recent spate of kidnappings...  is that they have not demanded any ransoms."

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