CNN Radio News Day: February 19, 2013
A person walks past a 12-story building alleged in a report on February 19, 2013 by the Internet security firm Mandiant as the home of a Chinese military-led hacking group.
February 19th, 2013
04:48 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: February 19, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • A new report from a U.S. cyber security firm paints an alarming picture of computer hacking in China.  It says hackers are waging an extensive campaign of cyber espionage, mostly against American companies, from a location near Shanghai – with the support of the Chinese government. Dan McWhorter is the managing director of threat intelligence for Mandiant, and part of the team that put together the report:

"When you look at the amount of access they've had over the last six years...  not once did they ever steal credit card numbers, not once did they ever steal personally identifiable information. They didn't take things to make quick returns on cash. It was all very strategic, intellectual property."

  • A funeral for Reeva Steenkamp was held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa today.  Her boyfriend, famed South African track star Oscar Pistorius, is charged with her murder. In a country largely accustomed to crime, even violent crime, the case has jump-started a national debate about violence against women.  Rhodes University Political Scientist Sally Matthews:

“I suppose what concerns me is that a lot of the responses to gender-based violence call the men who commit these acts monsters or think of such men as being very different from us,” but, Matthews says, they're not different.

  • If ever there was a David and Goliath story, a case the U.S. Supreme Court heard today certainly would qualify.  Agricultural giant Monsanto is involved in a legal fight with a 75-year-old Indiana farmer. Monsanto claims Vernon Hugh Bowman illegally copied its patented genetically modified soybeans. When Monsanto told Bowman to stop he wouldn't back down:

"I knew I didn't do anything wrong. I just didn't like what they was doing so I wasn't gonna give in."

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