CNN Radio News Day: April 11, 2013
An activist places crosses on the National Mall for victims of gun violence April 11, 2013 in Washington, DC. The activists gathered to begin a 24 hour vigil on the National Mall with over 3000 crosses for victims of gun violence in the United States since the Sandy Hook School shooting last December.
April 11th, 2013
04:50 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: April 11, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day.

  • Today the Senate decided that a bill to expand background checks on firearms will hit the floor for debate. The vote broke an attempt by some Republican senators to filibuster. All of it was procedural but important – a sign that the nation's lawmakers will at least consider gun control measures. Still, this is the first tiny step in a long, hard climb for gun control advocates. Dan Baum, author of the book 'Gun Guys', is a self-described liberal but also a gun enthusiast. He's frustrated at how the gun conversation is panning-out:

"The post-Sandy Hook wave of anti-gun sentiment and the impulse to ban guns, I actually think has made us less safe."

  • When drones first appeared in the skies over Pakistan's tribal region, Pervez Musharraf was president. And for years after, Pakistan has continually denied any agreement with the U.S. to allow for the use of drones. In 2008, Musharraf resigned as president and went into exile. Now he's made a return and is planning to reclaim power. In an interview with CNN, Musharraf claims agreements have been made between the U.S. and Pakistan for the use of drones. CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson:

"No Pakistani official has admitted this before. He [Musharraf] admits that on occasion he did sanction and allow U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan.”

  • Five months after super-storm Sandy hit the Northeast and flooded thousands of homes, agents from FEMA and insurance companies are still trying to help people work through their claims. It’s been a long, drawn-out, frustrating process for some, and now we’re learning that many homeowners have to fight to get money that has already been awarded to them. Nassau County legislator David Denenberg explains the frustration of many:

“The mortgage company is on the check and will not release the check...you can't get the work started. Or, you started the work by emptying-out your bank account and you just don't have any more money.  So the work is now in the middle, and the bank is just sitting on the check.”

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