Drawing the line between being sick and being human
May 17th, 2013
06:05 PM ET

Drawing the line between being sick and being human

By Libby Lewis, CNN

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(CNN) – It used to be, if you were gay, you were considered mentally ill.

It’s a good example of how the lines are drawn between what we decide is illness, and what we decide is just being human.

Allen Frances says the new guidebook for drawing those lines – it’s called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM – defines too much of everyday life as a sickness.

"Normal grief will be turned into major depressive disorder. My excessive gluttony becomes binge eating disorder. My grandchildren’s temper tantrums become disruptive mood disregulation disorder. And nearly everybody qualifies for ADD."

The new DSM will be released this weekend at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

Frances is a psychiatrist who led the last DSM – it came out 20 years ago. He’s watched how doctors have misdiagnosed kids and grown-ups with attention deficit disorder and Asperger’s and autism.

“I get 3 or 4 emails a week from parents whose kids were labeled with autism – and turned out to be the wrong diagnosis. Once you get the label, it can haunt you for life.”

He’s waging a very public campaign against the new DSM – even though lots of experts disagree with him and even though he’s lost friends over it.

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  2. DanielMarkHaszard1

    A patient,victim speaks on treatments.

    There are two kinds of antipsychotics the 50 year old tried and tested inexpensive *typical* antipsychotics like Thorazine,and the newer so-called *atypicals* like Risperdal,Seroquel,Zyprexa.
    These drugs are lifesavers for those with delusional mental illness which is only 1 percent of the population.
    The saga of the so called *atypical antipsychotics* is one of incredible profit.Eli Lilly made $70 BILLION on Zyprexa franchise (*Viva Zyprexa* Lilly sales rep slogan).
    Described as *the most successful drug in the history of neuroscience* the drugs at $12 pill are used by states to medicate deinstitutionalized mental patients to keep them out of the $500-$1,200 day hospitals.There is a whole underclass block of our society,including children in foster care that are the market for these drugs,but have little voice of protest if harmed by them.I am an exception,I got diabetes from Zyprexa as an off-label treatment for PTSD and I am not a mentally challenged victim so I post.

    Google-Haszard Zyprexa
    –Daniel Haszard

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