CNN Radio News Day: May 27, 2013
The sun rises over a tornado ravaged home early on May 27, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma.
May 27th, 2013
03:49 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: May 27, 2013

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day. Here are some of the stories we're covering in today's show:

  • In London's Parliament Square today a right-wing group called the English Defense League staged demonstrations calling for a crackdown on Islamic groups. The marches follow last week's brutal murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. The two suspects in the attack claim, in a graphic cell phone video, that Rigby's death was revenge for the killing of Muslims worldwide. CNN International correspondent Matthew Chance reports the British government has announced a new task force to combat terrorism in the wake of Rigby's death:

"Obviously Britain, because it's a member of the European Union, is a lot more constrained than the United States is when it comes to its homeland security legislation.  There's a Human Rights Act in the European Union and Britain has to comply with that."

  • It was one week ago today that a tornado with 200-mile-per-hour winds plowed through suburban neighborhoods south of Oklahoma City. It paved 17 miles of destruction and took 24 lives. Yesterday, thousands attended a public memorial and President Obama toured the destruction and pledged support for the rebuilding effort. Storm victim Alberto Laija just had his first meeting with his insurance adjuster, and he's not happy:

"I was showing him a spot where there's water damage and probably five feet over this way there's another location that has water damage and he's saying, well, that has nothing to do with the storm."

  • Michael Kurth finds music in graffiti. He's a musician with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and also a composer. He often builds time on his way to work to drive through the Krog Street tunnel on the city's eastside. In it, he found inspiration to write a three-movement symphony that his musician-mates debuted last month. Kurth says the tunnel is full of artwork that reflects an energy of the neighborhood and the city:

"It's so active, it's so evolving. In almost everything you see painted there or plastered there or expressed there, you sense that these are people doing something for their community out of love."

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