CNN Radio News Day: June 13, 2013
Supporters of Iranian advisor to the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and hopeful conservative presidential candidate, Ali Akbar Velayati during his campaign rally in Tehran, on June 12, 2013.
June 13th, 2013
04:32 PM ET

CNN Radio News Day: June 13, 2013

CNN Radio News Day is an evening news program providing an informative, thoughtful and creative look at the day's events. It's posted Monday through Friday at 4:30 pm ET.

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(CNN) – Welcome to CNN Radio News Day. Here are some of the stories we're covering in today's show:

  • Pope Francis says a "gay lobby" exists inside the Vatican

Religion can be a tricky topic  for gays and lesbians, but this week the Pope put both religion and homosexuality in the news when he acknowledged there is a "gay lobby" within the Catholic Church. Tommy Andres spoke with CNN Vatican expert and  EWTN News Director, Raymond Arroyo who says: "I think he's using this loose handle of 'gay lobby' as a way to sort of get at the corruption that he says at the heart of the Curia."

  • The Supreme Court rules human genes cannot be patented

Legal and medical experts believe the decision will have a lasting impact on genetic testing. CNN's Lisa Dejardins says analysts believe other labs will likely formulate their own BRCA tests and bring down the price, "so many more women will have access to this and know what their risks are for breast and ovarian cancer. That's a pretty big deal."

  • Iran prepares for presidential elections: Does it matter?

More than 50 million Iranian voters are eligible to go to the polls Friday to pick a new president. But some analysts believe elections won't make a difference. Patrick Clawson with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy tells CNN's Barbara Hall that's because the supreme leader has the real power: "He is the commander-in-chief, he appoints the intelligence minister, he controls the judiciary and he has the constitutional authority to override any law whatsoever."

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