Diplomatic trafficking: the story that won’t go away
Dema Ramos, a Filipina woman allegedly trafficked by Kuwaiti diplomat assigned to the U.N. looks at family photos.
June 19th, 2013
06:00 AM ET

Diplomatic trafficking: the story that won’t go away

By Libby Lewis, CNN

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(CNN) – The story of diplomats bringing domestic workers to the United States and treating them like slaves is not new, but it keeps coming back.

It keeps coming back because diplomats believe they have life-long immunity from prosecution – even when they break the law.

Just last month, immigration agents helped two Filipina women escape a house rented by high-ranking members of the Saudi military just outside Washington DC. The women said their Saudi employer held them captive and abused them.

And lawyer Regina Njogu is representing a Kenyan woman who says she was also held captive by another Saudi attache.

She's accused the attaché of keeping her locked up for three months in a Virginia high-rise apartment, until she escaped and told the police.

Njogu said she recently got the Saudi attaché on the phone... and confronted him with the allegations.

“He told me quite frankly that he didn't care, because he was a diplomat and nothing would happen to him,” Njogu said.

Lawyers and advocates for people who have been trafficked by diplomats say the U.S. is doing better at preventing it from happening. But they also say the U.S. has yet to take the step some think would do the most to stop abuses – by punishing the worst offenders.

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